Ghosyt Photography

Ghosyt : It's been pronounced "Ghost," "Go-sight," "Go-sit," or even "Goss-it."  Take your pick, the name is all part of the fun! 

Welcome to the main website for Ghosyt Photography!  I'm a photographer that's recently relocated to Seattle from Delaware and I'm taking photos wherever I can. While at this point I can't say I have a set style or specialty, I'm dedicated to constantly learning new techniques and trying as many forms of photography as I can. I'm a big supporter of other local talent (music and otherwise) and one of my goals is to help expand their exposure through my work.  Feedback and viewer participation are always encouraged so feel free to browse, like, share and comment on any of the photos on this site!  Currently, I've dialed back my photography to hobby-only, but feel free to contact me about prints or if you have a casual job you may think would be fun and low key.  Thanks!

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